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Tour Guides Ltd. can offer you expert advice on the planning of your tour.

Coach on Westminster Bridge

We are registered Blue Badge Tourist Guides and have guided tourist groups for over 30 years. These itineraries are tried and tested, not just by our members but also by ourselves. We know that it is not enough to look at a map and read a guide book when planning a tour - we know from our own experience what appeals most to visitors coming to London. Obviously visitors vary enormously and you will therefore find here itineraries for those who are coming to the capital for the first time and also for those who have been to London before and wish to see something different.

We are always up to date with events in London - not just exhibitions, new openings, new buildings, Royal processions and historic parades and also traffic conditions, marches, demonstrations and roadworks!

It would be impossible to include everything, so if you wish to add or change anything in these itineraries just let us know and we will he happy to plan a tailor-made tour for you. But we will not promise you the earth - only what we know to be possible, practicable and worthwhile.

N.B. All itineraries and routes are subject to individual tour timings and traffic conditions and we can never guarantee that everything mentioned in a Tour Guides Limited itinerary will always be included in your tour.

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Security - Please also bear in mind when planning your tour that security in many Government and 'Royal' areas in London is tight, and places such as Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Changing of the Guard and galleries or museums can be closed/cancelled at short notice.

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