Hidden Corners of the City, Clerkenwell & Smithfield

Discover the halls used by the medieval guilds or trades corporations in the City of London plus the Guildhall, a 15th century gothic landmark housing London's original seat of local government. There is so much more in the Square Mile, once surrounded by ancient city walls.


Discover the Barbican with its mix of Roman walls, medieval church, 1960's new residential complex and girls' school and the more recently opened cultural and entertainments centre.

Just alongside is St. Bartholomew the Great, London's oldest parish church, Bart's Hospital with its stories of body snatching for early anatomy classes, Smithfield - with its history of burning heretics at the stake and now a wholesale meat market.

Medieval monastery buildings of the Charterhouse were built around the communal grave of the thousands of victims of the 1349 Black Death.

We end at Clerkenwell, whose green was the original 19th century 'Speakers Corner' for radicals where 'Mother's ruin' (gin) was made for centuries and where Charles Dickens started his career as a reporter in the local courtroom.